Napkin Challenge!! Who's your favorite competitor????

Napkin Challenge!!
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  1. Gloria sanakey

    Gloria sanakey

    Il y a 3 heures

    Definitely Lauren

  2. Aya joundy 7B

    Aya joundy 7B

    Il y a 3 heures

    yay lauren 🤘🤘🤘🤘

  3. Stephen Morris

    Stephen Morris

    Il y a 3 heures


  4. 24 karat gold

    24 karat gold

    Il y a 3 heures

    The top helped her

  5. sameenaikram


    Il y a 4 heures

    I always like you laruen ether you win or lose

  6. Mom Love

    Mom Love

    Il y a 4 heures

    Lauren is my favorite

  7. Zubeyde Ertan

    Zubeyde Ertan

    Il y a 5 heures


  8. Gonzalo Aguayo

    Gonzalo Aguayo

    Il y a 6 heures


  9. arjun raja

    arjun raja

    Il y a 6 heures

    scarlet because when she comes down she laughs

  10. Phend Hein

    Phend Hein

    Il y a 6 heures

    It's not even that high just jump bruh

  11. Rockin Blaze

    Rockin Blaze

    Il y a 7 heures

    I tried this... all that happened was "STOP RUNNING DOWN MY FU#$ING STAIRS" from a distance.

  12. Omeshwar Paary

    Omeshwar Paary

    Il y a 8 heures

    Tell me you have big house without telling me you have a big house

  13. frank belmont

    frank belmont

    Il y a 9 heures

    Break your neck challenge

  14. Beruh Henok

    Beruh Henok

    Il y a 9 heures

    No one has ever succeeded accept that legend

  15. The Sisters Hall Hall

    The Sisters Hall Hall

    Il y a 9 heures

    The kid did it

  16. Ella Cabrera

    Ella Cabrera

    Il y a 10 heures

    If I was there I would drop the napkin and jump on the coach

  17. Theo Andrey Pactol

    Theo Andrey Pactol

    Il y a 10 heures

    napkin reveal

  18. 이영훈


    Il y a 12 heures

    스칼렛짱 다리 조낸 길다 ㄷㄷ

  19. chennuru sreevalli

    chennuru sreevalli

    Il y a 12 heures

    Great!! Lauren

  20. Alyha Fatima

    Alyha Fatima

    Il y a 12 heures

    Me: cries in apartment

  21. Sanga Tonzsss

    Sanga Tonzsss

    Il y a 14 heures

    Anyone know the music?

  22. Ivor Fortuno

    Ivor Fortuno

    Il y a 15 heures


  23. Li Ra

    Li Ra

    Il y a 16 heures

    U must free fall to catch that faster

  24. m i m i

    m i m i

    Il y a 17 heures


  25. Toast


    Il y a 19 heures

    I honestly thought that one of them would just jump from stairs the entire time and catch the napkin

  26. ScumNazzey


    Il y a 20 heures

    Rigged my boy Jackson always win these challenges

  27. Khloe Washington

    Khloe Washington

    Il y a 20 heures

    Good job lulu/ Lauren

  28. astro kiid

    astro kiid

    Il y a 21 heure

    Imagine if one of them knew parkour

  29. Life With Lauren

    Life With Lauren

    Il y a 23 heures

    Yesss Lauren got my name !

  30. A Person Who Exists

    A Person Who Exists

    Il y a jour

    Pro gamers would just jump off and catch it

  31. シUnknown.U̸S̸E̸R̸


    Il y a jour

    It got stuck on the balcony bro 😐

  32. JustShadowGames


    Il y a jour

    Imagine being this dumb

  33. El Alumno Hurtado

    El Alumno Hurtado

    Il y a jour

    I love Lauren

  34. Lisne Garcia

    Lisne Garcia

    Il y a jour


  35. Real Danny laws

    Real Danny laws

    Il y a jour

    Just jump

  36. Zneekz


    Il y a jour

    Tiny but mighty ;)

  37. Latifah Jackson

    Latifah Jackson

    Il y a jour


  38. Martina Angelevska

    Martina Angelevska

    Il y a jour

    Name of song?

  39. Nobody Nobody

    Nobody Nobody

    Il y a jour

    Just jump from the rails

  40. SituationGanng 300

    SituationGanng 300

    Il y a jour

    I’m the badass that would just jump over the railing and RKO the sun of a bitch napkin

  41. Anita Sharma

    Anita Sharma

    Il y a jour

    Proud of you Lauren

  42. Claudia y Lisbeth Reyes

    Claudia y Lisbeth Reyes

    Il y a jour


  43. Bilal Baig

    Bilal Baig

    Il y a jour

    Music name ?😍

  44. Nour Turki

    Nour Turki

    Il y a jour


  45. RogueCarrot


    Il y a jour

    Just more rich privileged dickheads flexing their big house. It's pathetic

  46. Chili Cherish

    Chili Cherish

    Il y a jour


  47. Segzhw


    Il y a jour

    To hard

  48. 1 thằng random nào đó

    1 thằng random nào đó

    Il y a jour

    You can just jump down it will be faster

  49. Ntombosindiso Raborn

    Ntombosindiso Raborn

    Il y a jour


  50. ᴖᴥᴖ도리


    Il y a jour

    팔다리 길이 실화?

  51. Sugar Kitty

    Sugar Kitty

    Il y a jour

    Scarlet diddnt even get it off the top lol That's definitely something I would do

  52. sis bro sis

    sis bro sis

    Il y a jour

    😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 what the hell 😱😱😱😱😱😱 you will be in hell

  53. Krithik Pon

    Krithik Pon

    Il y a jour


  54. Ali malik

    Ali malik

    Il y a jour


  55. Ангел Михайлов

    Ангел Михайлов

    Il y a jour

    What is the name of song

  56. Technical Marvel

    Technical Marvel

    Il y a jour

  57. 廃人志向


    Il y a jour

    We can’t this. Because our houses are SMALL

  58. zule


    Il y a jour


  59. Recel Alaba

    Recel Alaba

    Il y a jour

    Berry bad idea.. 😏 It was accendentaly

  60. I don't answer comment

    I don't answer comment

    Il y a jour

    This Laura🤮 always wins🙄

  61. Jamila G.

    Jamila G.

    Il y a jour


  62. xxguzzo xx

    xxguzzo xx

    Il y a jour

    Tell me you’re rich without telling me you’re rich.

  63. Asakura_EX


    Il y a jour

    Women bad

  64. Daksh Gupta

    Daksh Gupta

    Il y a jour

    Lauren is the best competitor

  65. Bunburry


    Il y a jour

    I wouldve just dived down the stairs



    Il y a jour

    Shorty gots those hot wheels

  67. Dragos Gheorghe

    Dragos Gheorghe

    Il y a jour

    How do you afford houses like these ?!

  68. nickgamerbg


    Il y a jour

    In indian movies they could drop their wife and catch it

  69. Linda Bishop

    Linda Bishop

    Il y a jour

    I'm bored.I no let's chase napkins !



    Il y a jour

    lauren always win tho

  71. Calliecorn 26

    Calliecorn 26

    Il y a jour

    What is as soon as they dropped the napkin they just yeeted themselves off the staircase

  72. Morattu Bass

    Morattu Bass

    Il y a jour


  73. Ben Raynold

    Ben Raynold

    Il y a jour

    my faivrote is lauren

  74. Z The Apostolic Kid

    Z The Apostolic Kid

    Il y a jour

    When it hit the wall that mightve just saved her

  75. Tiger Shadab

    Tiger Shadab

    Il y a jour

    Louren is winner wow...

  76. ZeXCS :3

    ZeXCS :3

    Il y a jour

    why run when you can jump down?

  77. Fox g8ming

    Fox g8ming

    Il y a jour

    That girl only won because it dropped on the thing for a few seconds

  78. DjStiv3


    Il y a jour

    Def want to try this. But shit.. pull up a couch under and just jump over the railing 🤣😂🤣😂

  79. Erika Quinonez

    Erika Quinonez

    Il y a jour


  80. Genevieve Sherman

    Genevieve Sherman

    Il y a jour

    Lauren was the only one to throw her napkin upwards!! Her napkin started with an upward velocity that it had to overcome, giving her a slight advantage! Gotta love physics

  81. gauri singh

    gauri singh

    Il y a jour

    wish to see how minato would have done this

  82. Cooper Darth

    Cooper Darth

    Il y a jour

    I love the music, can somebody tell me which song is it?

  83. Efren Culala

    Efren Culala

    Il y a jour


  84. Dan Schulte

    Dan Schulte

    Il y a jour

    This shit sucks

  85. Malou


    Il y a jour

    Love this challenge👍

  86. Staci Perry

    Staci Perry

    Il y a jour

    Me: *drops napkin downstairs* *JUMPS FROM THE BALCONY*

  87. lang zo

    lang zo

    Il y a jour

    lauren is my favorite

  88. Htsa Gallery

    Htsa Gallery

    Il y a jour

    Whats the name of the background music?

  89. Patience Virtue

    Patience Virtue

    Il y a jour

    Family fun.

  90. Andrew Pastuszek

    Andrew Pastuszek

    Il y a jour

    Okay sure I see you Lauren one because she was faster but what have you just been easier if they just jump down like why would they have to run downstairs couldn't they just jump down I mean if there was rules you had to go down the stairs then it would make sense but if there wasn't just jump down

  91. Tammy Rizzo

    Tammy Rizzo

    Il y a jour


  92. 215huncho


    Il y a jour

    Just jump down there 👇🏽 😂

  93. Abby Moyer

    Abby Moyer

    Il y a jour


  94. Azka


    Il y a jour

    Why don't you just jump down and get the tissue 😂

  95. Gio Giovanni

    Gio Giovanni

    Il y a jour

    Try using a babushka

  96. Crated


    Il y a jour

    I would have just hopped over the railing XD

  97. Rosalyn Johnson

    Rosalyn Johnson

    Il y a jour


  98. NateworthyP90X


    Il y a jour

    Also known as get enough money to own a two story house challenge.