Massive Hook Stuck in Seal's Tongue!

Antoine spotted this young seal with a hook through his tongue. It must have been very painful to have a hook with a big weight attached to it dangling in front of his face while running or swimming.
Naude caught the seal by hand, the rescue net would have likely caused more damage. He pinned the seal to the ground and decided to rather cut the hook instead of trying to pull it out.
Wally brought the bolt cutter, and Antoine cut the hook in two in one clean attempt. A few seconds later the hook was removed, and the young seal could go back into the ocean to start his recovery.
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    Ocean Conservation Namibia

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      🙁😭thank you guys God bless you❤👉💐☝️

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      Ever thought of using a drone to spot more issues?

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      Cant u put an antibiotic vaccine?

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      God bless you guys



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    Qué bien, que ayudan a las focas. Sigan así

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    Poor baby that looks so painful :’(

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    I felt like crying , we all are part of this cruelty and there's no way to stop it .

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    you are superhero for seal and me.

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    And he will say with other seal that, Humans had safed my life.

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    Дай Бог всм здоровья и сил.



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    Good job brother,, god bless you.👍🙏👍🙏

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    mygod i want to join you guys in this. im so happy you people exist. i hope someday i can do something like this and make a little difference.

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    The lack of class and care in human beings has me baffled. This is truly heartbreaking. Thank you for what you do!! People need to quit being so careless. Its disgusting. So damaging to our wildlife.

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    Thank you!!! Спасибо вам тысячу раз!!!

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    Thank you guys!! That was dangerously big hook.

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    Amazing Facts

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    Thank you guys for saving this seals Life 👍

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    Damn... Surprised you guys didn't block the image

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    Man , GENTLEMEN 👏👏👏👏 its fantastic what you guys are doing. It looks like on the videos that the seals are a mile away,and yet you manage to catch up to them. Out of Fishing is one thing. But creatures getting caught in man's entanglement s ,and suffering, is another.



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    Excellent job guy's...💖💖💖💖💖

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    Love you guys!

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    Ficamos muito felizes em ver iniciativas como essa , é comovente ver pessoas se deslocarem para lugares distantes para ajudar na preservação da vida animal . parabéns vc são pessoas que servem de exemplo para outaras milhares de pessoas em todo o mundo no sentido de respeitar os animais e o meio ambiente , um forte abraço do Brasil para vc .

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    Các bạn của tôi rất tuyệt vời chúc các bạn khỏe Made in Việt Nam

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